Our PERSONAL RELOCATION services are aimed at all the people who decide to move to Italy for work, family or cultural reasons.
We offer full-on assistance in overcoming all the logistical, practical and adaptational diffuculties that inevitably come up when moving to a different country and trying to integrate in its new cultural environment. We offer a wide range of services that are customized on the needs of each one of our Expats and their families.

In fact, we are committed to protect the needs of our Expats and their families, making sure to best adapt our services to their needs, in order to guarantee an effective and well-organized transition process, free from any logistical complications and emotional traumas.

We have a network of multilingual consultants specialized in Relocation, Immigrationand Cultural Mediation, located in the whole country and abroad, who allow us to guarantee the most thourough assistance in any kind of situation or location.

SPR is characterized by its strong flexibility and adaptability to our Expats’ needs.
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